Ikos Resorts

“I have had the privilege to collaborate with A.C. Slashopt for more than 15 year in two different organizations, Amathus Hotels in Cyprus and Greece and Ikos Resorts under Oaktree Capital Management a new luxury hotel chain in Greece. A.C. Slashopt has been a key contributor to our success in opening timely two hotels with +95 customer satisfaction and +40% sound financial returns. Our last biggest challenge was to create a new and state of the art infrastructure with easy expandability, cost efficiency, and within very strict budgets. The Team of Slashopt has delivered timely and developed a breakthrough base that allows all of our Senior Management Team and all personnel to work seamlessly with great efficiencies due to the right selection of systems that allow fast access and accessibility from anywhere.

Slashopt has achieved with the cooperation of our Ikos team to design a platform in which both management and guests can coexist simultaneously and uninterrupted, experiencing equally the values of this structure and ensuring the constant, uninterrupted and smooth operation of the hotels. All equipment could be controlled and monitored from anywhere by the IT department. This success enabled us to use the Virtual Private Environment within our company hotel expansions with the minimum cost, energy, cooling, and time.

Slashopt has participated in various meetings and project analysis for the selection of third partners and secured the best wholesales market price possible with the maximum quality and functionality with companies like Hewlett Packard, Samsung, LG, Opera, Micros – Fidelio, Microsoft etc. I would unconditionally recommend A.C. Slashopt’s team for any organization that seeks professional, efficient, reliable and state of the art solution provider.”


-Achileas Dorotheou,

Chief Executive Officer | Ikos Hotel Management S.A