“Within six years with A.C. Slashopt’s guidance, advice, and yet their “KNOW HOW” at all levels, we managed to improve the communication and function between all of our stores. With their experienced skills we set up the best possible server infrastructure for our software program and got better performance. They manage the direct exchange of information between our company staff through their own instant message system, and also we gained direct access to all necessary information what we needed through the exchange server, public folders, catalogues line on and more. Certainly important is A.C. Slasopt’s contribution and quick response to repair all problems any time and where necessary either in Paphos either in Paralimni. It really make us feel that all our shops are housed in the same room and even if they are spaced hundreds of kilometers away.

We want to publicly thank whole A.C. Slashopt’s staff for their continued support and response, and that’s why we recommend them with no doubt.”


-Lakis Pri,